Friday, February 11, 2011

Who wants to make a song?

Hey everyone. I just recorded this basic track of a song and I am asking you to help me out!
If anyone has any recording software I would love if you were to play your own instrument with mine!
We can make a whole song over the internet. Sounds exciting doesn't it?

Here's the basic track. If you want the mp3 just tell me.
So if anyone wants to jam with me, feel free to. I would love to hear other people's talents with mine!
Any instrument will do. And if you sing that would be awesome. I really think we can make a kickass song.

Thanks guys!


  1. I dont have anything to help out but I like the piano! :)

  2. I wish I hadn't pawned my instruments, or else I would have been your man. Damn economy!

  3. Could get my electric guitar going, Id only ruin it though Im sure! And ive never written any music before so its bound to be awful

  4. I'll be your groupie if you want, instrument-wise though I'm talentless. Nice work if you created that piece yourself, good background for a song

  5. I wish I played an instrument or I mean played one well. So unfortunately I cant help you but I would be interesting to hear what the finished product sounds like

  6. that would be sick!

  7. While I quite enjoy music I am the most musically challenged person around. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing some more of your work though!

    I've got a friend who is an amazing pianist, but we also use to be stoner buds. So we would get right baked and then he would start pounding away on the piano at 3am! He had some real nice parents, lol!

  8. I cant play any music but I have a friend who is really into random collaborations I'll show him this for sure