Monday, February 21, 2011

Rough Weekend

Dear lord...
Sorry for the delayed post. I just got a new roommate.
Apparently this kid's old roommate would go on enraged tangents and go crazy or something.
The night my roommate moved in he got a message from his ex-roommate. The dialogue went something like this:
"Fuck you man! I fucking hate you! I don't need you, and I don't need anyone! I'm going to burn this whole place down!"
Well our RA got word of the altercation. Eventually to police were called and wanted to arrest the kid. No arrests were made but it was a grueling set of hours for my roommate-to-be.

When he moved in I got to know him. He didn't seem like much at first, but talking with him I found out a bunch of cool things. Evidently this kid is the most interesting person I ever met.
He speaks 5 different languages fluently.
He has been to at least 60 countries.
He plays bass, drums, and guitar.
He gets royalty checks from his two albums every month.
He has his own studio.

I can go on more but you get the point. Ballin'.
We have jammed a few times and it's pretty tight. You guys can count on more material.
I'll keep y'all posted!


  1. Nice One! It's always good when you get a new housemate and get on well. I've been really lucky, I've lived in share houses for the last 4 years and have only had one person out of the 40 or so that I've lived with who I really didn't get along with.

  2. Holy shit. Where can we hear his stuff?

  3. if your after some tunes check this guy out

  4. This is good, I'd like to listen to it :D

  5. My old roomate was such a creeper. He was 30 and couldnt speak english, pretty sure he'd watch me come out of the shower too.

  6. His old roommate sounds like a psycho

  7. This guy sounds pretty talented. Followed, want to hear his stuff.

  8. good luck with your new roomie. hopefully that psycho one wont come around

  9. I would like to have that room mate man. thats cool.

  10. Wow, he sounds like quite an interesting guy.I bet he's got some stories after all that travelling.

  11. If he drinks Dos Equis he may be....... the most interesting man in the world.

  12. Great, it's people like that who change your life, following

  13. Great stuff. Followed!